How it all began...

So, I was at home relaxing, as you do. In deep thought about changing the world somehow. What could I do that would make a change in people's lives across the globe and equally would be rewarding for me. Many nights I sat up until early hours and prayed to Allah to open up my mind and heart and guide me to such a task that would please Him.

Lightbulb! Then it came to me, the idea that would change learning forever. Yes, to be in a place of your choice and at the time of your choice, what could be better?

I always thought to myself 'Is the content of my prayer correct?', 'I'd love to learn how to recite Quran', 'Is it too late to learn?', 'I'm so busy and when will I find the time?'.

So for all of you out there who know what I'm talking about here is a chance for you to learn in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you. All you have to do is pick the course above and print out the PDF document and listen to the MP3 recordings that go with each lesson. Put it this way after the first course your prayer content will be correct and amazing because now you have better pronunciation and therefore you can concentrate properly.

In course 2 you will look at how to recite the Quran from scratch, yes, from the alphabet all the way to directly looking into the book of Allah and reading fluently. Seems like a dream right? All this can become a reality, all we need from you is your time. In course 3 we will have a look at the rules of Tajweed, which basically means fine tuning and in course 4 we will go through some chapters of the Quran. All in all not a bad deal, all the information you need and at no charge.

Remember this is not a substitute for a teacher but rather an aid, after completing each course please check with a local qualified scholar to listen to your prayer or your Quran.

I hope I explained in a nutshell what this site is all about, if not maybe I need a course in communication skills.

Learning at your place and at your pace, no matter the age or gender, a dream come true.

Not so fast though there is a catch, no not financial don't worry... A request for your prayer.



A student of Knowledge.


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